AURORA | The Regional Transportation District has limited the R Line to one car per trip, citing ridership numbers for the change.

“Our service standard for passengers per car is about 110 people per car and R Line ridership is below that standard,” said RTD spokeswoman Michelle Brier. 

More information about the change was not immediately available from RTD.

Officials prevented significant service changes to the R Line in early 2018. Local leaders, including former Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan, said the R Line didn’t receive enough advertising after it launched in early 2017.

That’s one aspect both local government and RTD say they’ve been working on, but it doesn’t put the line at where RTD officials predicted it would be.

On Fridays, the busiest day of the week for the line and a day with extended hours, the R Line is averaging about 7,300 daily riders, RTD told the Sentinel in April. From Monday to Thursday, the line is luring about 6,200 riders each day.

When the line first opened, RTD said they expected 12,000 riders each day by this past spring.

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer