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  1. Background checks should remain with the CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION where there are at least 7 people who the city council had placed in the position to complete background. All HR will do is run an applicants application through a background check system similar to what was done when a resident applied for the Aurora Fire Citizens Academy and the Aurora Police Citizens Academy. Both of those steps, I am almost certain, those on city council have no idea of the process.

  2. HR is not qualified to do these police background checks. Terrible move to try to do this. Hard though to feel confident about anything to do with the APD today, as they now hire people who have background of dishonesty, outright lying, misleading and false statements on their applications. And the APD was already riddled with racism, homophobia, tendency to brutality, gender discrimination and corruption, in a system of poor recruitment and training, in an old boy network that is fighting any reform.

  3. It doesn’t matter what the hiring policies are if you have bad leadership in the Commanders and above. Its like blaming the paint when you can’t create a landscape painting…

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