Children’s Hospital Colorado participating in COVID-19 vaccine trial for young children


AURORA | Children’s Hospital Colorado is helping to determine whether a COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective for young children ages 5-11.

The north Aurora hospital announced this week it is participating in a pediatric trial of the Pfizer shot.

“Children need a vaccine,” Dr. Eric Simões, who is leading the trial, said in a news release Wednesday. “The vaccine trials get us one step closer to protecting our children and our communities from COVID-19.”

Children were recruited and selected through a lottery system to ensure they would demographically represent the population of the surrounding cities, according to the hospital. Children will receive two injections three weeks apart of either a placebo or a vaccine. The trial will be double-blind, with neither the family nor the doctor knowing which was received until six months later.

After the trial, children who received the placebo will be offered a shot of the trial vaccine, the release said. For two years, families will have scheduled follow-up visits to track their children’s health.

COVID vaccines have been approved for children 12 and older, but there are currently no vaccines on the market approved for younger children. While young children have been shown to be less likely to transmit COVID or get serious cases of the virus, they are not naturally immune from COVID.

According to the Tri-County Health Department’s online data dashboard, 61.7% of the region’s residents have received at least one vaccine dose, and 52.8% are fully vaccinated.

For more information about the trial, visit

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