QUIDNUNC: Aurora’s on the high-tech list; Steve-O’s gargantuan pie


QUID HAS HEARD that Aurora made the list when it comes to high-tech startup sites nationwide. Well, technically the Denver-Broomfield-Aurora area — which isn’t really an area, because Aurora and Broomfield are geographically related like Colorado Springs and the moon are related — but we’ll take all the credit. We were shocked to hear that Aurora QuidBadge5.16.12may have high-tech startups, mostly because we just discovered the Internet a few years ago. How else can you explain how the city government ended up with the confusing “AuroraGov(dot)Org” address or that these hacks here are giving away for free what they already give away for free on the Internet? Perhaps our favorite Aurora Internet phenomenon was the famous Aurora police department’s first Tweet “Do you need help?” Brilliant.

QUID HAS HEARD that Aurora’s own Steve-O’s pizza cooked up a gargantuan pie for a great cause. The whole thing went down last week, but Steve Wieland, owner of Steve-O’s on Havana (you know, the place with the Volkswagen Beetle with a mohawk) should be commended for cooking up a 10-foot pizza to benefit Children’s Hospital. No word yet on how much money he raised — or the number of medicinal marijuana patients who lined up to drool over the massive pie — but we’re hoping that Steve-O pulls a similar stunt in January when recreational pot becomes legal in Colorado. Might we suggest a 12-foot burrito for that?

QUID HAS HEARD the great debate online over city council candidates, how much money they’re raising, and who it’s all going to. In between lines challenging some to Greco-Roman style wrestling matches, there are legitimate nuggets to ponder as Aurora heads into another election year. At stake this year are potentially monumental city council seats (especially with a city/county debate looming) and an education measure that’ll effect every Aurora student and family. It’s worth noting that non-federal election years have dismal turnouts, so it’s hard to say if this year will be any different, but Quid knows that if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain. Unless you want to challenge someone to an oil wrestling match online, then you’re welcome to it.


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9 years ago

What are you gonna do….when these 9 inch pythons come crashing down on you?
Thanks for the shout out.