QUID HAS HEARD Barb Cleland knows best where money is for Aurora city council races: outside Aurora. The incumbent city councilwoman recently held a fundraising cocktail party in the Monaco of the metro area, Cherry Hills Village, presumably because no one from Aurora could afford to attend. It doesn’t mean outside money is influencing Aurora races, however. It means that she has taste in cocktail parties and locations to have them in. You can’t fault a councilwoman for preferring watercress sandwiches over Taco Bell, or wine over PBR. If it were Quid’s race to run — and he won’t, or can’t, same diff — his fundraising cocktail parties would be BYOB because a hack can’t afford to buy his own alcohol, let alone yours.

QUID HAS HEARD Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan may work at 15151 E. Alameda Pkwy., but the dapper don of Aurora politics certainly shops at the intersection of Fifth and Fashion. Saks Fifth and Fashion, that is. The mayor was spotted around town the other day in a stunning white suit, red tie and what appeared to be a matching white fedora. (Of course the belt and shoes matched.) That kind of high class is something you’d expect from a Denver mayor — or Kentucky Derby spectator — but to see it on our very own big cheese is encouraging. If this trend continues it might usher in a new era for a more well-dressed city council. Quid knows councilwoman Molly Markert has been long at work knitting her own fab sweaters for years now. At least, that’s what it looks like she’s doing.

QUID HAS HEARD the call to prove his mettle on the course. The city am golf championship is Sept. 7-8 at Murphy Creek and Quid’s wrenches are heating up at the right time. Although Quid has never played Murphy Creek, one hear’s it sets up well for poor journalists like ourselves. It’s long-winded, like we are; full of holes, like our stories; and has deep, inescapable traps everywhere, like our personal lives. Nonetheless, we’ll use the rest of this day, and every day leading up to the city am to practice putting so we can realize our dream of hoisting the prestigious pewter and plastic Poulan Weedeater Aurora’s Cup presented by Home Depot — or whatever the winner gets.