PERRY: Beyond the pale, abuse of illegal immigrants calls for all of us to say, ‘stop’


Given the lurid chaos spun out daily from the Trump White House and its complicit sycophants, it’s hard to say that this has finally become the nation’s moment of truth.

But hundreds, possibly thousands, of arrested immigrant children kept in abusive Trump Camps, dead toddlers on riverbanks, and repugnant fear-baiting of Aurora and Denver immigrants is too much.

The once unfathomable presidential tsunami of lies, incompetence, corruption and brinkmanship inflicted on all of us by Trump and his cronies are just part of our daily lives now.

We are all victims of what voters wrought upon us in 2016, but Trump and his ilk have singled out illegal immigrants for what could easily be tabbed as war crimes and human rights violations.

It’s too easy, too trite and too overdone to say “make it stop.” We can’t, and those who can, Republicans in Congress like Sen. Cory Gardner, congressmen Ken Buck, Doug Lamborn, Scott Tipton, won’t.

I know some Americans are outright heartless bigots who wrap their cruelty and intolerance in flag-waving patriotism and greed. But I also know that most of us, almost all of us, aren’t like that. We haven’t become so corrupt or soulless that we would allow the human suffering our government is inflicting on the people that we share our communities and our planet.

I know many of the people the anti-immigrant extremists are trying to drive out of Aurora. They’re so much more like everyone born here than unlike them.

We can’t watch these people be treated like unwanted cattle. I deeply hang onto believing that most of us don’t want to. But we have to go further than just disdaining these inhumanities. We have to forbid them. 

The national nightmare got worse last week when Trump, preening for his vulgar base at a re-election rally in Florida, tweeted out that he would command the U.S. government to round up and deport millions of immigrants across the nation, including Denver.

It was a ploy to arouse his fans and terrorize immigrants.

Before that, recent anti-immigrant war drums prompted Aurora police to make an unusual effort to make clear to Aurora that cops here do not and will not enforce immigration law.

“Aurora Police Officers DO NOT have the authority to detain a person based on their immigration status,” Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz wrote in a statement last week. “They also DO NOT have the authority to investigate or enforce federal immigration laws.”

Metz, as well as Aurora and Denver officials, have said that using local police as instruments of immigration law endangers all of us by forcing illegal immigrants into the shadows. We all have to be afraid when immigrants are afraid to report crimes they’re either victims of or just witness.

“(Aurora Police) do not and will not ask a person about their immigration status,” Metz said. “It is not our practice to report to other agencies who we speak with or what their immigration status is for being in this country or in our city.”

Four Aurora city councilwomen went further, saying we can’t just stand by while Trump keeps rolling out horrors that may not directly impact us.

Trump’s ICE raid threats and then delay “only serve to incite fear and further exacerbate this suffering,” councilwomen Cristal Murillo, Nicole Johnston, Allison Hiltz and Angela Lawson said in a letter published over the weekend.

“We…believe that remaining silent on this issue is an act of complicity.”

It is. So is being shocked but silent at the horrific photo published late Tuesday, depicting a father and his toddler daughter, face down on the bank of the Rio Grande on the Mexican border of Texas. The two Salvadorans drowned trying to sneak into the country.

That followed lurid reports of what amount to Trump concentration camps of immigrants and immigrant children, warehoused near the border.

Unconscionable does not begin to describe a nation that would stand by while its government abuses thousands of children to sate the depraved politics of President Trump and the astonishing complicity of his political allies.

I know it’s nearly impossible to muster worry over a government that has worn out the nation with unrelenting melodramas and frightening scams and scandals.

But unless Trump immediately draws us into a deadly war with Iran or works to undermine our national security on a level he hasn’t already, as a community and as a nation, we have to draw the line here.

We cannot permit Trump and his base to abuse and destroy children and their families.

If we do, rest assured that history will in many ways repeat itself. Just because you are not a Muslim, an immigrant, a homosexual, a journalist, a scientist or a liberal, don’t think for a minute that they won’t someday come for you, too.

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