EDITOR: Thanks to state policymakers, Colorado residents will be safer from the dangers of oil and gas development that is getting closer and closer to our homes and schools. The legislature passed a law in 2019 that requires rules governing the industry to better protect the public health and safety of residents and prioritize our water, land and wildlife over industry profits. Newly approved rules will provide expanded protections, including a new 2000-foot setback between drilling operations, and homes and schools.

As a public school educator and someone who cares deeply for the environment I am incredibly proud that Colorado is enacting these policies to keep its residents safe. I hope that Colorado continues to be a leader in oil and gas regulations as well as other climate and safety initiatives.

I applaud Governor Jared Polis and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and staff for their work thus far on these historic rulemakings, which when completed, will position Colorado as a national leader on oil and gas regulation. These new rules are a result of input from both experts and hundreds of people across the state. Ultimately, the agency and this administration listened to the lived experience of everyday Coloradans in approving these rules. I know they are nearing completion of the mission change rulemaking, but they are on the right track to making sure that our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to enjoy the Colorado way of life well into the future.

Brooke Jenkinson, via letters@sentinelcolorado.com