LETTERS: Rise above failure and embrace mistakes as lessons


Editor: Despite knowing that we are not perfect, we are afraid to make mistakes in some areas of our lives for fear of being seen as ineffective. Did you ever wonder why most people who are enthusiastic about a project become paralyzed by the fear of failure? It is simple, we fear failure because we think of success and failure as the two qualities that define us as people; if I succeed, I am valuable, but if I fail, I am worth nothing and I will be rejected, as if my social status was dependent on it. Do not give up on your goals just because you made a mistake. It is also impossible to generalize a situation, that is, failing once does not mean we will fail again.

As long as one is able to admit his or her mistakes and improve from them, failure should not become a disadvantage, but a path to success. This is because failure teaches, it makes us wiser, stronger or more resistant in the sense that we learn from our mistakes. Allowing yourself to make mistakes, forgiving yourself, and striving for excellence rather than perfection are key elements to success. We can learn from those small failures, and they can lead us to success if we change our mindset. We remember that what counts is not how we start, but how we finish. Because there is no failure other than not trying what you sincerely want.

— Dayanna Ojeda, via [email protected]

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