LETTER: The dairy industry is a disgrace


DEAR EDITOR: I’ve seen suffering I can’t forget. Hundreds of animals tied in the mud with ropes around their necks. If this were a puppy mill, I would call the Humane Society. These calves are denied protection under the Animal Welfare Act, though. They’re denied everything natural and normal. They can’t nurse, snuggle, or play. Most haunting, I saw one escape. She ran around playing for maybe 10 seconds before her jailer noticed. Deprivation is all she is ever going to know. Motherhood is being turned into torture. Before dairy cows are slaughtered, mothers’ bodies are used like weapons. Impregnated continuously, having babies torn out of them and drug away over and over takes a horrible toll. Humane societies have recorded dairy industry violence inflicted on these gentle animals, but it’s up to us to stop it by ditching dairy. Even during labor, mothers are electrocuted. The dairy industry is a disgrace to human decency.

— Julia Weingardt, via [email protected]