LETTER: Let’s choose Republican principles of freedom, safety, and choice


Editor: Our Colorado community is at a crossroads and has a crucial decision to make this election. Do we want to preserve and improve our great country or fundamentally transform it? Republican and Democrat candidates answer this question differently and do so through topics such as:

Economic freedom: Republicans want to limit taxes so we, not government, can choose how to use our hard-earned money. Republicans want to minimize burdensome regulations so small businesses and new jobs can flourish. Democrats want larger government, more regulations, and higher taxes which weaken our freedom and hurt small businesses.

Choice: Republicans champion health-care choice; knowing that when we have quality options we’ll  make the right decision for ourselves. They also promote school choice so that we have freedom to make the best decision for our children. By contrast, Democrat leaders are increasingly open to government-run healthcare which drastically limits choice and quality. They want to diminish school choice and exert more control over our children’s education.

Safety: Republicans stand with our brave police officers while recognizing that we need to hold them to high standards. We want to enable them to do their job to protect us all.  Democrat leaders are regularly refusing to condemn the rampant violence and riots across our country and are often reducing funding for the police at a time when they need it most.

This election, there is a clear contrast in vision for our community. Let’s choose our Republican candidates’ vision of individual freedom, choice, and safety in order to preserve and improve our great country.

— Sarah May, via [email protected]

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