LETTER: If Aurora cops like Mike for mayor, I do, too


EDITOR: Between 2014 and 2018, according to FBI data, the violent crime rate increased 76% in Aurora. Aurora is still “safer” than many cities, but let’s not turn a blind eye toward the trendlines. Rising crime rates affect Aurora citizens in very tangible ways: violent crimes victimize real people and negatively impact our property values.
Aurora’s next mayor needs an excellent working relationship with law enforcement to safeguard our schools, protect our neighborhoods, and bring down the crime rate. That’s Mike Coffman.

Mike is endorsed by both the Aurora and Arapahoe County chapters of the Fraternal Order of Police because he will work to ensure law enforcement gets the resources they need.
Mike will also work to protect the rule of law and he opposes so-called “sanctuary city” policies.
Aurora citizens deserve safe schools and neighborhoods. Strong leadership that is committed to protecting the rule of law and standing by our law enforcement can make a difference. When it comes to public safety, one candidate for Aurora stands above the rest: Mike Coffman.

Michael Barrett — via [email protected]