YOUR NEWS: Volunteers get their green on at High Line Canal cleanup


AURORAThanks to more than 300 High Line Canal Cleanup volunteers, tons of trash was removed last month from the canal.

More than 300 volunteers armed with trash pickers and bags gathered early March 18 at the Community College of Aurora. From there, they went on to clear trash over 11 miles of High Line Canal.

The event, sponsored by Aurora Water, aimed to highlight the the importance of protecting and caring for waterways by preventing pollution. 

When it rains, the trash can be pushed into nearby Sand and Toll Gate creeks, which creates a water quality issue, according to Rory Franklin of Aurora Water. Franklin said the cleanup protects a vital resource from pollution while improving the landscape for this high-use recreational area.

The event also provided an opportunity for citizens to learn about the problems caused by littering
and the importance of protecting and caring for our waterways by preventing pollution.