Woman killed Thursday in rollover crash on Gun Club Road in Aurora


AURORA | A woman who ran a stop sign Thursday afternoon east of Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora was killed in a rollover crash with another vehicle.

Aurora police and emergency responders were called to Gun Club Road near the intersection of Picadilly Road and East Alameda Avenue — between Buckley Air Force Base and E-470 — about 4:30 p.m. Sept. 10 after a Saturn sedan struck a silver Toyota after the driver of the Saturn ran a stop sign at the intersection. The Saturn rolled onto its roof while the front end of the Toyota was crushed by the impact of the collision.

The driver was of Saturn was killed in the collision. A 7-year-old girl in the car, rescued while hanging from his seat in the Saturn, was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the Toyota and the passengers were also taken to local hospitals with varying degrees of injuries from the crash.

Police on Friday identified the deceased driver of the Saturn as 22-year-old Charela Ramirez. Her passenger,  Nicole Seville, 19, and the 7-year-old girl are both in stable condition.

The driver of the Saturn, Parlath Dhaurali, 20, as well as passengers Susma Subadi, 20 and a 14-year-old boy have been released from a hospital. Anotehr passenger, Josadha Dhaurali, 47, remains hospitalized in fair condition, police said.

Both vehicles were undrivable after the collision. Police closed the roadway following the collision for rescue operations, crash investigation and cleanup; it is expected to reopen sometime Thursday night.

CORRECTION: This article originally misstated the layout of the intersection. The driver ran a posted stop sign at the intersection. We regret the error.

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6 years ago

She ran a stop sign, not a stop light.

6 years ago
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