Bear that attacked woman near Colorado Springs destroyed


COLORADO SPRINGS |  Wildlife officials have destroyed a mother bear that attacked a woman near Colorado Springs.

The Gazette reports the woman, whose name and age have not been released, encountered the bear as she was walking home near downtown Manitou Springs late Thursday. The bear charged and knocked her to the ground from behind when she tried to escape, ripping her shirt and clawing her back.

The woman was not seriously hurt and did not seek medical care.

Minutes after the attack, another woman walking on the same block was chased by a bear but managed to get away by running around a parked car.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials say two cubs were captured and will be cared for at a rehabilitation center until they can be released into the wild. Bears that get into trash or become too accustomed to being near people are usually relocated, but if they return or act aggressively, the agency is forced to euthanize them.

The mother bear was put down Saturday.