New job for Longmont principal who nixed coming out speech


LONGMONT | The principal who pulled a graduation speech by a valedictorian who wanted to disclose his sexual orientation is resigning for a new job at another school.

The Daily Times-Call reports ( parents were notified Monday that Twin Peaks Charter Academy Principal BJ Buchmann is leaving his position to become the Fort Lupton School District’s assistant superintendent.

School officials said in a statement that they support Buchmann’s decisions. They say senior class valedictorian Evan Young’s speech was nixed because he didn’t send a copy with requested edits.

Young says he emailed his revised speech without removing his disclosure that he was gay.

The district hired outside lawyers earlier this month to look into the matter after Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis called for an independent review of the incident.


Information from: Daily Times-Call,


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7 years ago

REAL SIMPLE…if he’s allowed to disclose that which I don’t care then another student should have the right to say that jesus has saved him or maybe he is converting back but liberals don’t want you to have your opinion only to ram their opinion down your throat.