Greeley state legislator abruptly resigns over unspecified allegations


DENVER |  A Colorado state lawmaker has resigned following what she calls false, unspecified, allegations against her.

Numerous news sources reported Sunday that Rep. Rochelle Galindo announced she is resigning in a statement sent to the newspaper Sunday.

State Rep. Rochelle Galindo, D-Greeley.

Galindo said in a social media statement the “allegations against me are false.” But she did not specify details of the allegations or their source.

Galindo says in the statement that she will not put her constituents through “a recall campaign based on political smear tactics and false allegations.”

The first-term Colorado House Democrat has faced two previous recall efforts, including an attempt by conservative groups after she voted in favor of oil and gas regulation reforms and other progressive policies.

Galindo could not be reached for further comment Sunday.

A Colorado House Democrats spokesman referred questions to Galindo.