Judge temporarily blocks gun control regulations in Boulder County

FILE – In this 2018, file photo, semi-automatic rifles fill a wall at a gun shop. Cities trying to use a new state law to enact local gun control are being thwarted by lawsuits filed by gun rights activist groups.

BOULDER |  Boulder County is the second Colorado municipality to be hit with a temporary restraining order by a federal judge over its gun control measures.

U.S. District Court Judge Charlotte Sweeney granted the restraining order on Tuesday in a lawsuit brought by the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners over Boulder County’s recent gun control rules that include a ban on assault weapons.

It’s the fifth lawsuit brought by the gun advocacy group in Colorado — including one targeting the state’s 15-round magazine capacity limit — after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down a New York gun law.

The high court’s ruling reinforces the group’s belief that the local gun restrictions infringe on Second Amendment rights. The organization promised a wave of lawsuits following the decision.

Now, the group is suing the City of Boulder, City of Louisville, and the Town of Superior over similar gun restrictions in legal battles that may set the groundwork for future Second Amendment litigation.

In the motion for a temporary restraining order, the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ lawyers cited the temporary restraining order granted by another federal judge against Town of Superior last month.

“After the Superior case, it was pretty much a slam dunk for us,” said Taylor Rhodes, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ executive director, “We fully expect to win all five of our suits now.”

Gloria Handyside, spokesperson for Boulder County, said in a statement, “The county plans to present a defense of its ordinance, along with the municipal ordinances, at a preliminary injunction hearing. At the hearing, the county will demonstrate that its assault weapons ordinance is constitutionally sound.”

Also on Tuesday, Superior filed an unopposed motion requesting to consolidate the four lawsuits into one. The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners supports the motion and is awaiting a decision from the judge.


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1 month ago

Republicans truly are a death cult. Every other right outlined in the constitution has limits on it. Take the 1st amendment for example, the right to free speech. You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded room without consequences. You can’t slander others with falsehoods. You have apply for permits for protests and demonstrations. But Republicans insist that no limits can be placed on gun ownership and doing so is unconstitutional, it’s absolutely absurd.

The GOP-stolen Supreme Court removed abortion protections with one argument being that “abortion isn’t specifically mentioned in the constitution”. Neither were fully automatic assault weapons with 100-round drums. The weapons they were talking about were single-shot, black powder muskets. So sure, keep as many of those as you’d like, but we should absolutely be limiting to ability of lunatics to legally buy weapons of mass destruction and murder dozens of people in minutes.

1 month ago

Follow the money. RMGO is a tiny but loud organization; who is paying for all the lawyer time, filing fees, travel, etc.? This has nothing to do with 2nd Amendment rights or any other ‘freedom’ defense, and everything with keeping gun sales, especially high dollar assault weapons, going. Who profits from that?

RMGO is just a useful idiot.

Debra MacKillop
Debra MacKillop
1 month ago

the US has dangerously lost it’s way when judges and citizens want to expand the proliferation of military weapons even beyond what is already causing the highest gun death rate among all wealthy industrialized nations AND the majority of Americans want gun safety laws. California is a model we should be following – with smartly integrated gun safety laws over decades first starting with law signed by Gov Reagan to stop open carry in CA, this state has brought down it’s gun death rate to half of what rest of US states have today, even with people bringing guns in from other states. US has highest suicide gun death rate in the world too (except for Greenland). The countries with lowest gun homicides are those with the strictest gun laws. Japan boasts a population of more than 127 million people, yet finished 2019 with a gun death rate of only .02 per 100,000 people. One major factor in this success is that Japan has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. For Japanese citizens to purchase a gun, they must attend an all-day class, pass a written exam, and complete a shooting range test, scoring at least 95% accuracy. Candidates will also receive a mental health evaluation, performed at a hospital, and will have a comprehensive background check done by the government. Only shotguns and rifles can be purchased. The class and exam must be retaken every three years. It seems hopeless in the US until gun safety advocates are fully in charge – until then we will continue to shock ourselves and the world with our uneducated, uninformed, knee-jerk love of guns (the more assault-like the better) in the US and our lack of caring for our own citizens, especially US children for whom gun deaths are now the #1 cause of death.