Final version of Colorado congressional maps released — Aurora’s 6th district sees few changes


DENVER  |  Colorado’s Independent Redistricting Commission released its final congressional map on Thursday, sketching out a possible future in which solidly Democratic Colorado has an evenly-divided delegation to the House of Representatives.

The document will be sent to the Colorado Supreme Court as the new congressional map unless the commission’s 12 members approve changes by the constitutional Sept. 28 deadline.


It would maintain the current partisan balance of congressional districts in Colorado, with four being somewhat or solidly Democratic and three leaning Republican. The state would also get a new 8th district that would run from Denver’s northern suburbs into Greeley and would be a true tossup swing district.

An earlier version of the map would have split the 3rd congressional district in western Colorado and drawn the home of its lightning rod representative, Republican Lauren Boebert, into a Democratic district dominated by Boulder. This map leaves Boebert’s district intact and solidly Republican.

The proposed 6th Congressional District, which includes Aurora, recedes slightly from Douglas County in Highlands Ranch and the Brighton region. The 7th Congressional District is extended far south into Park, Chaffee and even Freemont counties.

The commission is scheduled to meet Friday afternoon to start discussions on the new map proposal.


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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
21 days ago

I don’t understand why they keep putting republicans in their 2 boxes. This assures that they always have 2 seats in Congress, but also that they never have the opportunity to “win” the rest of the state. (I guess if it can work in Illinois, it can work here, right?) IMO, districts should be as diverse as possible. The goal should be to have districts that equally blue, red and independent, to the extent possible, so that we have competitive races every time in every district. For example, why is it a given that the entirety of Denver has to be in one district?