Congressman-elect Jason Crow: New congress will be a ‘new brand of leadership’

Aurora Congressman-elect Jason Crow

AURORA | Despite a dour mood in Washington over recent chaos over a government shut-down and disruption in foreign and military policy, Congressman-elect Jason Crow is optimistic.

When a new class of Congress begins legislating in 2019 it will be with a new brand of leadership, according to Crow. 

He said he plans on building his tenure and reputation on a foundation of transparency and trust.

“We have some opportunities to get things done, and we were elected last month to get something done,” he told the Sentinel Friday.

That new brand of leadership will be in Washington and at home, he said, highlighting a major campaign point Crow had leading up to his 10-point win in November: that Congressman Mike Coffman’s told his constituents one thing and acted differently when he voted.

While Crow said he doesn’t so far have plans to learn Spanish, like Coffman did, he does plan to act on Temporary Status Protection, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival and various visa program issues that various communities in Aurora often face.

Those were also areas Coffman was vocal about, drafting various bills and advocating for those programs, specifically TPS and DACA, to continue.

Crow said the biggest impact he can make for those immigrant families is in legislating.

The new leader said he’s optimistic, given the diversity and fellow optimism among the incoming House members, despite Republicans still making up the majority in the Senate. He pointed to criminal justice reform that was agreed upon by both parties just last week as a sign that gridlock isn’t the only expectation on the hill for the next two years.

Crow said among the first pieces of legislation he expects the Congress to take up during the new session will be a commercial background check similar to what is already law in Colorado. Crow said he’s joined a gun violence task force, but hadn’t made any commitments to join any caucuses yet. 

In legislating, Crow said his style will be in the communication of what he believes and why he votes the way that he does. Crow said he plans to hold a town hall each quarter and will regularly meet with local media and attend various community meetings.

“I can keep a discussion alive,” he said of how he plans to govern.

Crow lamented the chaotic trouble in Washington today, partly created by the unexpected departure of Defense Secretary James Mattis. He lauded Mattis as tried-and-true intelligence and reliability.

Crow said that he, too, wants to end the aging Middle East conflicts, but Trump’s unilateral shake-up endangers not only those in the region, but American troops as well.