Some neighbors upset that city closing pools, opening spraygrounds instead


AURORA | Residents in the Pheasant Run neighborhood are upset that the city wants to redevelop two closed pools into spraygrounds.

Aurora City Councilman Bob Roth will host a meeting Oct. 10 to discuss the issue and hear residents’ concerns.

Kaden Lechuga, 2, plays in the sprinkler Monday morning, Sept. 10 at Great Plains Park. The city will be redeveloping the closed Village Green and Pheasant Run pools into sprayground parks at a cost of $1 million next year. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel)

In early September, council members presented a proposed 2013 budget that included redeveloping the Pheasant Run and Village Green pools into spraygrounds at a cost of $1 million. The Pheasant Run pool closed in 2009 and the Village Green pool closed in 2010 because of budget cuts.

Some Aurora residents, including Janice Gibson, took issue with the city’s proposal.

“I wonder why you would spend (money) to convert an already established pool with a splash park,” said Gibson at a council meeting in early September. “Why wouldn’t the money be spent to open the pool and maintain it?”

Nyla Frye, another resident in the Pheasant Run neighborhood, said she didn’t feel like neighbors had input in the process.

“Frankly, it’s very disheartening that we have no say in what happens to our pool and the fight against Aurora’s bureaucracy is tiring,” she said.

Frye said many neighborhood kids are too old for a sprayground but would benefit from the pool.

Jason Batchelor, the city’s finance director, said the operating costs for spraygrounds are much lower, and the city doesn’t have to pay for a lifeguard and chemicals needed to keep the pool clean.

“This is a great way to put in an amenity for the community while not necessarily increasing operating costs back to what they were,” he said.


Reach reporter Sara Castellanos at 720-449-9036 or [email protected] 

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Excellent Choice
Excellent Choice
8 years ago

Spray grounds are fantastic…The kids and parents can play together and there’s a lot less stress for the parents. Our PROS Department does it right! If folks want a lap pool, they can easily visit Utah, or join one of the local gyms which offers that ammenity.

Not So Silent Observer
Not So Silent Observer
8 years ago

Let’s be clear here. The City is NOT closing pools and opening spraygrounds. Pheasant Run has been closed for 4 years and Village Green has been closed for 3 years. The City is considering converting these currently unused pools into Spraygrounds so they get some community use out of them.

Open the pools!
Open the pools!
8 years ago

I think asking residents to join a for-profit gym in replace of a pool that their tax dollars paid for is insane! The city is not listening to the community. The city could careless whether or not the residents would use the spray park. These are older neighborhoods and most of the children are not 2 year olds.