QUIDNUNC: State of the city? There’s cool beer here, and global warming


QUID HAS HEARD That Councilman Bob LeGare is a self-proclaimed climate denier and is wise enough to ask that your faithful hack assist in getting the word out. Seems that while the engineers of propaganda, who fill the Editorial space in this very rag, were  waxing blarney about what a big, awesome, grown-up sophisticated city Aurora has become, Aurora flaw-makers were trying to prove this fish-wrapper wrong. At a city council study session on Monday — as Aurora councilors were examining Les Grand Plans de Aurora, formerly known as the city’s visioning plan — there was suddenly talk about climate change. Well! Just as city nabobs were feeling mighty fine about the highfalutin stratagem for great things — such as planting something besides weeds on I-225 and erecting apartment buildings with actual elevators — there was talk in the docs about trivialties like, global climate change. Whaaaaat? Climate change in a city document meant to shine the derrières of city nabobs so they might dream the dream of righteous dreamers at night? What kind of liberal-city-fun-crusher would bring something like that into a document about challenges Aurora will have to meet as it approaches population 10 million and gets an extra lane on I-70? No sooner had hoo-haws started haranguing the staff on such an inconvenient truth that LeGare lamented broaching the subject. He acknowledged that your faithful slave would get wind of this veritable ill wind and  spill the increasingly hot potatoes in this very space. And Mr. LeGare was right about one of those things.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that there was plenty of reasons to cheer this very burg as Mayor Steve Hogan listed just about every good or not bad thing that ever happened  in Aurora since hizzoner last donned a leisure suit. Go-Pro in hand, Hogan reminded the audience at his annual State of the Third-largest-city in Colorado Address that we got your medical schools, we got your Air Force bases, we got your vacant lots and we got Denver’s Amazon fulfillment center — wah wah waahhhhh —  just to name a few of the 369 things Aurora likes to tout and shout. But after seeing and reading and reliving the social-media event of the season, Quid’s takeaway is: We got beer! Dry Dock Brewery and Dry Dock Brewery plans and beers and other breweries’ beers and just sudsing poetically about beer and beer passports took up a lot of time explaining how wonderful Aurora is. There was, however, no beer near as hizzoner brewed up so much interest on what otherwise might have been a dry subject.