QUIDNUNC: Newspapers Trump October’s surprising love-hate relationships among nervous GOP


QUID HAS HEARD that nobody loves picking at a scab until it bleeds as do the folks who run Aurora. Seems that after months of squabbling among themselves over whether City Manger Skip Noe is a top-notch administrator or secretly bites the heads off of bunnies, controversy and nasty-grams faded. Until Monday. Ratters out tell yours truly that the old fires are still burning on City Council, and Councilwoman Barb Cleland was busy with gasoline. If you’ve cleared the brain cells of memories of this political imbroglio for important things, such as re-runs of Friends, allow this pathetic hack to catch you up. Noe came under fire more than a year ago when some female councilors accused the veteran admin guy of ignoring their requests, giving more respect to the council-dudes. The brouhaha became so serious that arms were frequently crossed, sides were taken and council meetings became so cold as to nearly offset global warming. Détente was declared several months ago and city hoo-haws have been content to bicker over the usual nonsense. But Monday, just when the city was ready to delve into dicey water issues, the topic was suddenly pulled from Monday’s agenda. Cleland decried shenanigans, declaring that important legislation was postponed to accommodate certain fellow city lawmakers who have previously sided with Noe and were absent Monday from the meeting, possibly having scored tickets to the MNF Bronco’s game. Bob Roth. Not water under the bridge, disgruntling will continue until a new controversy takes its place.

AND QUID HAS HEARD the aching wail of excruciating pain from fellow hacks at fishwrappers across the country as the due of our diligence materializes, telling the little readers whom they should vote for. Newspapers such as the Arizona Republic, which hasn’t endorsed a Democrat for president since forever, has suddenly had to reach beyond the thesaurus to find kind words for Hillary Clinton. Across the sobbing nation, hacks agreed that Donald Trump is a choice not even the wackiest lame-stream mediawrite can make. Well, other than the saddest person in America, who wrote the pro-Trump editorial for the Las Vegas Review Journal. Don’t ask. Even the all-red-meat red-state Beaumont, Texas, Enterprise hacked up: “EDITORIAL: Hillary Clinton is the least objectionable choice for president.” Unable to go there was the Colorado Springs Gazette ed board. Their advice for POTUS told readers, “If all goes as planned Nov. 8, Americans will elect the 45th president.” Crickets, all nervously singing the same sad tune as Arizona Sen. John McCain and Aurora Congressman Mike Coffman. Oh, the ignominy!