QUIDNUNC: Mayor Steve Hogan, a political career and the beginning of time


QUID HAS HEARD that in the beginning, there was light. Then came Steve Hogan, who was elected as the world’s first government official. And it was good. Hizzoner Steve Hogan may or may not have been a political force since Day Two, but he’s been around so long in Colorado that he can play remember when to the death of just about any unwitting nemesis. The subject of Hogan’s longevity came up at Aurora City Council recently as right-wing city lawmakers — take your pick here — were reflecting on the thrill it is to see elevated Colorado federal appeals court Judge Neil Gorsuch asking questions from the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court. Your faithful hack promises to tune into the first riveting city council TV transmission after Golden Boy Gorsuch pulls his first David Souter, another “home run” for conservatives. Quid is certain it’ll be a party in the Star Chamber. But while walking among the clouds, someone remarked that Hizzoner actually served in the state Legislature with Gorsuch’s once-famous — many say infamous mother, Anne Gorsuch Burford. Hizzoner actually preceded Burford’s tenure as a Colorado “House Crazy.” By the time Burford was haunting the House, Hizzoner had already been a legislator and candidate for Congress. Hacks here have the damning brown plaid leisure suit pictures to prove it all. It appears Hizzoner was standing either at DeLaney Farm or the Garden of Eden.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that Aurora may be looking for a new fire chief. Again. Seems that the one they just hired has a serious problem. After a months-long search, Aurora tabbed and then hired Dallas top-fire boss Fernando Gray to run Aurora’s fierce and famous fire department. Gray has been touted as hot stuff. Aurora City Manager Skip Noe said that out of dozens of contenders, Gray actually had the right stuff to keep the home fires from burning  and yadda yadda yadda. It all looked well and good until this week when Gray made  a personal appearance to city hall while city council members ratified his nomination. That’s when all of Aurora and Colorado found out that he loves the Centennial State and — The Dallas Cowboys. Not only  did the now-tentative fire chief wax histrionic about a football team that couldn’t find four fans at a Colorado Tex-Mex buffet, but Chief Gray got all colorful about the Cowboys in an accent as thick as Texas toast. Quid shudders to think what someone with such questionable judgment would do at a barbecue contest at the county fair. If Gray stays, yours truly will check frequently on rainy days to see whether he’s inside or out.