QUID: Holding for 6.14


    QUID HAS HEARD that both sides of the aisle are “yuge-ly” going for the gusto these days. Seems that the President Orange Blossom isn’t the only novice politician claiming every ribbon is blue. Seems that political newcomer Jason Crow is tooting his own horn loudly and a little off key. Crow joins Aurora lawyer David Aarestad and Bernie-dude Gabriel McArthur in the race for the Democratic nomination. In a release Tuesday, the Stapleton Democratic Dream candidate for Aurora’s 6th Congressional District — a dedicated dad, a decorated vet and a darned nice guy — announced that the good news in ways of endorsements for the Democratic nomination just keep rolling. First, there was former Sen. Mark Udall. That was big. Then, there was former Aurora state Rep. Karen Middleton. That’s nice, too. But this week, the drums really rolled as he announced the name of names to name him the guy to run against Mike Coffman next year: and the winner is, “New Politics.” Uh huh, your faithful hack had no idea, either. No, not the Danish band that hogs up pages of Google query listings, and not the group of socialists either. This is newpolitics.org, a group that backs military and “service” group vets to run for elected office. They can’t crow loud enough about Jason, and Crow returns the favor in his announcement. But looking around, reporters at this fish wrapper quickly noticed that they also tout those from the Peace Corps, Americorps and somebody that had a job at the United Nations. In fact, they’re also boasting about former Democratic state Sen. Mike Johnston, one of the hundreds of candidates for Colorado governor next year. Johnston’s service creds? “Teach for America.” How nice. But Quid and voters don’t like or want nice. We want free health care and cheap gas. Start talking.

    AND QUID HAS HEARD that there are bigger questions than whether Colorado’s election systems were among the 39 states hit by Russian Hackers in their ceaseless efforts to get America to elect and then like Donald Trump. Gushing Washington leaks reveal that Putin’s boys and girls were able to break into state election systems all over the country. While we’re being assured by assuring government types that the Russians broke into systems but didn’t actually elect Trump, your’s truly can’t help but wonder any other way to explain America’s total breakdown in commons sense. More important than if Pooty did it and what he did to those other 39 states is why not us? What’s wrong with Colorado voters that they don’t deserve and warrant a hacking like most of the rest of the country? Who cares what Nebraska and Oklahoma do? Everyone knows that this mighty place is the new center of the Cool Universe. We have legal weed and more craft breweries than Heaven. Of course, there’s the reality check thing, however. Pretty easy to believe that places like Wisconsin and Michigan could elect his Orangeness, but Colorado? It would have been a dead-Russian giveaway.