PERRY: Sure, Trump’s foul ball is deplorable, but are you VOTING for him, Gardner, Coffman and Colorado GOP?


    Well, since Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has lowered the bar on how we’re going to be talking during the race to the White House, let me join in.

    Shit just got real, America.

    And now, what are all you borderline deniers and elected Republican minions gonna do about it?

    Yeah, I am talking to you, Sen. Cory Gardner. You jumped all over Trump’s trashy ass a few months ago when he was whining about Colorado’s temperamental presidential primary being rigged. Remember this?

    “How on earth are you going to defeat ISIS if you can’t figure out the (Colorado Republican) convention?”

    And after clinching the nomination, while Trump talked about rounding up Muslims, Mexicans and mouthy media types like myself, you talked about what a fine, fine president that sleaze-ball would make. Now, has the king of hucksters and grabber of girl genitals made it clear he’s the kind of guy the GOP wants running the country? Because the rest of us wouldn’t trust him with our grandmothers, wives, daughters, dogs, money, weapons and snack food.

    So now that the video vulgarus made public Friday by the Washington Post — showing Trump at his everyday best — has made it clear once and for all that this creepy calamity isn’t fit to lead a group therapy session for fellow gropers, are you going to continue to say how revolting his comments are, and how he is still the best choice for president?

    Well? Are you going to vote for a man you hope never gets near your family? The nuclear codes? Your credit cards? The urinal next to you in the bathroom? Oh, we agree that what Trump says and does is deplorable, but is that whom you’re voting for? No tap dancing here, please. Stand still and say, “yes” or “no.” Pretty easy.

    How about you, Congressman Mike Coffman? If you didn’t “think very much” of Trump after he said he was going to ship millions of Mexicans back to Mexico, root out Muslims, torture our enemies and “bomb the hell” out of a few places in the world, has Trump earned your vote now? You’ve asked him to step aside, but if he stays in the race, and we all know he’s not going anywhere, are you going to vote for a man that repeatedly says vile and repellent things about women, minorities, the disabled, dead and wounded veterans and Muslims? Take a breath. Just, and only, yes or no.

    How about you, Congressman Ken Buck? Is this the face of the Republican Party and the United States of America you want to see? A man who believes he can grab at the crotch of women he finds desirable because he’s a “star?” congressmen Dog Lamborn and Scott Tipton? Is this your still your guy? And I haven’t even mentioned the lying. I’m not talking about sniffing and tsk tsking a America’s living Jabba the Trump, I want to know, are you voting for him?

    We all know what you’re doing. You’re waiting out the polls on this latest Trump calamity. Hedging your bets. Since #TrumpTrain makes up an increasingly sizable chunk of your base, it could be political suicide to really dump Trump. I get lots of phone calls and hate mail from those people, and if I was beholden to them, I’d be nervous, too. They’re vicious, vindictive — and motivated. The stakes are too high here in Colorado, where a once proud, moderate and libertarian-leaning Republican party is now in the death grip of extremists from Colorado Springs, Douglas County and the netherlands of Nebraska. They don’t take kindly, or at all, to those who don’t toe the new party line.

    Unlike Republicans who called Trump out before and after he was nominated, like Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, even party leaders like Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan say how aghast they are at Trump’s embarrassing objectification and likely abuse of women, but he’s still the best choice for president of the United States.

    Sorry, folks. No can do. There aren’t enough foul adjectives to aptly describe what a dangerous, loathsome and embarrassing specimen of American manhood Trump is — and you all know it. And if you refuse to muster the courage it will take to tell Colorado and your constituents why they must vote for anyone other than Trump, then you’re allowing that festering degenerate to grope your conscience, your credibility and your career just like he has who knows how many victimized women. If the voice of the “star” master calling is preferable to the voice of reason, then you’re going to have to explain to us why. Who are you voting for?

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