Parents of Aurora victims slam Congressman Mike Coffman for stance on gun restrictions


AURORA | The parents of two people killed in the Aurora theater shooting Wednesday criticized Republican Rep. Mike Coffman for not supporting a federal law to mandate background checks for all people who buy guns.

Standing outside Coffman’s district office in Aurora, Tom Sullivan, whose son Alex was killed in the July 20, 2012, attack, urged a vote for Coffman’s challenger in the election, Democrat Andrew Romanoff, who supports universal background checks.

“Alex’s votes will no longer be counted. But I believe we can vote for Alex and others who have been killed by senseless gun violence,” Sullivan said.

Also speaking at the event were Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter Jessica Ghawi was also killed in the shooting.

After 20 children and six adults were killed in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2012, a majority of U.S. Senators supported a bill to require background checks on all commercial sales of guns, but the bill died because supporters could not break a filibuster. It is considered unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Coffman is considered one of the most vulnerable congressional incumbents in the nation after being moved into a district that is evenly divided between Democrats, Republicans and independent voters. That district also includes the Century 16 movie theater where the theater shooting occurred. That attack killed 12 and injured 70.

“The protesters are free to speak their mind,” Coffman spokesman Clay Sutton said. “Mike respects their right to express their views, but doesn’t think more Washington, DC-dictated gun control will stop evil people from doing evil things.”


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8 years ago

The true “evil” in this country are people who give evil an open door. Background checks…serious background checks…need to be done in this country. This nonsense that evil people will do evil things regardless is just an excuse used by gun proponents that don’t want to have to go through the inconvenience of a background check.

8 years ago

Every one entering the service passes a background check to get past the recruiter. What good did that do with Major Hassan? Every politician supposedly passes a background check of the opposite party, who then pass word to media. We all know Mike Coffman served in Army, Marines, was recalled 3 times to deploy to middle east, was Colorado Representative, Treasurer, State Secretary, and media dwelled on his background. Now if he buys a weapon through civilian stores, what new info do you think you will find? In my 26 years in military, I typed applications for enlisted and officers to gain security clearances. Day clearance is approved by oversight and investigation, IT DOES NOT PREDICT WHAT THAT INDIVIDUAL WILL DO THE NEXT DAY, WEEK, MONTH, OR YEAR. Something to check: ALL the school shootings I read about, the shooter came from Democratic family. And Holmes was a transfer from California where he displayed mental problems, studied same, came to Colorado and no doctor or official placed him on mental watch. Same goes for every state in US. If doctors (in consultation with others) would list mental cases on state list, and that was checked, WOULD THAT NOT BE MORE EFFICIENT AND ECONOMICAL? I AM TIRED OF FEEL GOOD GUN LAWS, WHICH HAVE NEVER HELPED, EXCEPT FOR DISARMING THE HONEST CITIZEN, MAKING THEM VULNERABLE TO THE MENTAL CASES. In light of BLM attacks on property owners and citizens, Senator Udall needs to explain why he wants more of our lands under government control in Wilderness, Public Lands, Memorials, National Parks, Cemeteries by Land grabbing. Texas and Nevada highlight the problem of BLM versus citizens, with 9 states (over50 officials) meeting in Salt Lake to consider transfer of Federal lands back to States who will control more honestly, and more environmentally sound. I don’t trust Government, and this administration has brought that to full FOCUS WITH POWER GRABBING.

Calm down sparky
Calm down sparky
8 years ago
Reply to  Frank25

Every one entering the service passes a background check to get past the recruiter. What good did that do with Major Hassan?

What a stupid argument. We make doctors get medical license, but what good is that when someone commits malpractice. I guess we shouldn’t require medical license and good ol’ ed down the alley can do my organ transplant. Should we get rid of drivers license? Just because some people run afoul of the law

The fact that you would rather have some secret list of people with possible mental issues, so what..? So we can continually harass those people? Maybe you would be on that list for being anti-government. I don’t want new list to be created. Even if a person was on the list for mental issues, do we take away their constitutional right to carry a gun? I think you crazy idea < see on my list already, may lead us as a country in the wrong direction.


Eric Harris came from a fairly strict military family and Dylan Klebold's family was pretty active in their Lutheran church.