Nibbles: Nominate your favorite eateries for the annual Grade A Awards


    Everyone knows this is an election year with many hotly contested races in our purple swing state. Voters should anticipate being blitzed with messages from diverse special interest groups.

    If your interest is eating, we welcome your vote in our special election for the inaugural Grade A Awards.

    The 2012 Grade A Awards welcomes you to vote for the best things about life in metro Aurora, and especially for all those cool eateries. We bet that you know who serves the best guacamole, what bakery dishes the best breads, whose wine list is most impressive and which menu boasts the most craveable Korean barbecue, sushi or Chinese dumplings. This is your chance to shine a light on the local cafes, bakeries and markets that you love.

    You’ll find the online ballot at through July 8. The printed ballot will appear in the June 21 issues of the Aurora Sentinel, Life Science and the Buckley Guardian.



    Some readers have expressed surprise that Colorado Table, our brand new food section and web page (, has the same name as Colorado Table, the excellent blog written by my longtime food editing buddy, Kristen Browning of the Denver Post. Browning explains it in a recent post:

    “If looking at me every week makes you go, ‘I sure miss John Lehndorff,’ here’s where to find the former Rocky Mountain News restaurant critic: he’s the food editor at the Aurora Sentinel and running the paper’s ‘Colorado Table’ site. Yes, it’s the same name as ours. Oddly enough, in a series of Facebook messages over Memorial Day weekend, John and I agreed that the table is big enough for both of us, and then ran into each other at a party in Boulder, where we talked pie and journalism. ‘Colorado food has never been more exciting,’ he said. I couldn’t agree more.”

    My goal is to connect Colorado foodies with as many trusted sources of information about food, dining and cooking in the state as I can find. Here are just some of the online resources I recommend and all have Facebook pages to like:

    • Denver Post Colorado Table blog:

    • Edible Front Range:

    • Westword:

    • The Gazette:

    • Daily Camera:



    There are plenty of places that serve grits and cornbread and lots that have barbecue ribs on the menu. Some brag about their “Southern cooking.” But genuine soul food kitchens are few and far between in the metro area.

    Flava in Aurora is the absolute real deal… but with a twist. I happened upon the small cafe open just a year at 15343 E. 6th Ave. and immediately fell in love. My comforting dinner started with a fried pork chop doing the breast stroke through rich pork gravy. As sidekicks: made-from-scratch very Cheddar-y mac-n-cheese and lightly sweet yams with a hint of nutmeg. Everything comes with classic cornbread. I balanced things out with unsweetened iced tea and a wedge of exceptional coconut custard pie jam-packed with sweet coconut with a macaroon-like top.

    The twist is that the owner previously ran an espresso cafe so you can match your smoked brisket sandwich with a cafe au lait or breve. I’ll be back to check out the oxtails, catfish, rum pound cake and Sunday brunch delights such as fried chicken and waffles.



    “Sandwich outdoors isn’t a sandwich anymore. Tastes different than indoors, notice? Got more spice. Tastes like mint and pinesap. Does wonders for the appetite.”

    – From “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury


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    Shari Doege
    10 years ago

    Can’t wait to check it out now!!