News Summary: Tuition just 1 of college costs


UP, UP, UP: Despite the focus on tuition increases and student loan costs, other college expenses also are going up. Even with the lower interest rates on student loans, students are seeing costs grow on just about every line.

COST OF LIVING: A College Board survey finds the price of housing and food trumps tuition for students who attend two- and four-year public universities in their home states.

BY THE NUMBERS: In-state community college students paid an average $10,550 last year, reflecting a 6 percent jump in tuition and 1 percent rise in housing costs. At public four-year schools, in-state students paid an average $12,110, including a 5 percent increase in tuition and 4 percent hike in housing costs. Out-of-state students saw a 4 percent rise in overall costs to $21,706. Private school students also saw costs rise 4 percent, to an average $23,840 after grants and scholarships.