Woman, 22, injured by gunfire walks into Aurora convenience store Saturday night


AURORA | A 22-year-old woman walked into an Aurora convenience store Saturday night suffering a gunshot wound, police said.

Few details were released about the shooting.

Police reported the shooting on social media at about 8 p.m., saying only that the woman walked into the Fast and Friendly store at 138 Del Mar Circle after being shot.

Police said they did not know where the woman was when she was shot, but that she sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Police also said no information about the shooter was available.

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1 year ago

This is what no cops results in

Joe Felice
Joe Felice
1 year ago
Reply to  None

Again, all the fault of the Chief!
And the police should have been able to prevent this shooting. /s/

Last edited 1 year ago by Joe Felice