Unidentified man accused of homicide during protracted crime rampage through Aurora, Denver


AURORA | Aurora police on Thursday released the general timeline of a bizarre and lethal crime spree that left one person dead during a series of carjackings Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities have yet to release any identifying information on the male suspected of carrying out the string of crimes. He remains in custody receiving medical treatment at a local hospital.

The rampage began at about 3:20 p.m. Nov. 10 when police said the unnamed male held a woman at gunpoint and stole her purse in the 14000 block of East Idaho Drive in Aurora. He fired a gun in the woman’s direction before fleeing the area on foot.

About 10 minutes later, Aurora police were called to the Florida Station Apartments on East Iowa Drive on a report of a carjacking, according to Agent Matt Longshore, spokesperson for the Aurora Police Department. Police believe the same man who stole the woman’s purse shot a man through the driver’s side window of his 2008 Dodge Dakota and stole his car.

The man who was shot later died from his injuries. The Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office has since identified him as Carlos Julio Albarracin Albarracin, 34. His death has been ruled a homicide.

Police believe the carjacking and robbery suspect ditched the stolen Dodge just minutes later and proceeded to try to burglarize a nearby home. He pistol-whipped the homeowner and promptly fled on foot, Longshore said.

Moments later, the same man entered another home on South Lewiston Street, demanded car keys from the property owner and stole a white Acura RDX that he abandoned on East Center Avenue a few minutes later.

After ditching the Acura, the man proceeded to carjack a Subaru sedan from a driver on South Chambers Road, Longshore said. He drove just a few blocks north on Chambers before leaving the vehicle.

At 4 p.m., police believe the suspect carjacked yet another vehicle, a green Kia Sportage, in the 15200 block of East Sixth Avenue. He jettisoned the car several miles to the north on East 38th Avenue.

He proceeded to carjack two more motorists in the area just south of Interstate 70, though only one of the heists was successful. He left the area in a red Chevy Equinox, which he ditched after driving a mile or so north on Chambers.

Then in Denver, the suspect stole yet another car, a Hyundai Santa Fe, while threatening the driver with a gun in a neighborhood across from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

After driving a few blocks to the east, the suspect burgarlized another home on Jasper Street before stealing a seventh car, a Ford F450, while again threatening the owner with a gun.

The same man drove a short distance east on East 56th Avenue before crashing the Ford truck and stealing an eighth and final car, a Nissan Murano, while brandishing a gun.

The man proceeded several miles to the east in the Nissan before finally crashing the car into several other vehicles near the intersection of East 56th Avenue and E-470.

Denver police apprehended the serial thief at the scene and began treating him for “serious injuries,” Longshore said.

The man was then transferred to the custody of Aurora authorities.

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2 months ago

“stealing a seventh car, a Ford F450” To my recollection the F450 is a large dually truck.