Two men stab, shoot the other to death during argument in Aurora


AURORA | Aurora police say it appears one man stabbed and another man shot killed each other during a fight Saturday afternoon at an apartment complex in northwest Aurora, police said.

Police were called to apartments at 1575 Galena St. at about 3:40 p.m. to investigate reports of a shooting.

There, they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound.

“Simultaneously, officers also located an adult male who was also seriously injured, possibly from being stabbed,” police spokesman Agent Matthew Longshore said in a statement. “The male who sustained the gunshot wound was transported to a local hospital, where he has since been pronounced deceased. The male other male was pronounced deceased on scene.”

Witnesses told police that both of the men were involved in some kind of disturbance that led to them assaulting each other.

“A handgun and a knife were both located on scene,” Longshore said. “Detectives do not believe that there are any outstanding suspects.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 730-913-7867.

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1 month ago


1 month ago

Really? So, should we label this as unusual in Aurora at 1575 Galena? Further, to be thrown into the bin of unpredictable news in old Aurora? What’s uncommon is for the city to not have a shooting/ hit and run death or two every week. This particular one has a little more history, to anyone bothering to pay attention.

“Police investigate the shooting of a 10-year-old boy inside an apartment at 1075 Galena St. Friday June 3. PHOTO COURTESY OF AURORA SENTINEL NEWS PARTNER 7NEWS

Police were called to the apartment at 1575 Galena St. at about 10 p.m. Friday after neighbors reported a disturbance from a first-floor apartment in the Nordic Arms Apartments complex.

Rescuers on the scene discovered the boy dead after being shot. Investigators are trying to piece together how the shooting occurred.

Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz was at the scene after the shooting and told reporters that police were interviewing family members at the apartment and had not determined as of late Friday how the boy was shot. A weapon was confiscated from the scene, but Metz said police had not yet determined if it was the gun used in the shooting.

Joe Felice
Joe Felice
1 month ago

“This is how we do it. . . “