Thieves burrow through wall in Aurora Family Dollar robbery

On December 13th the parties shown at the end of the video were in the Family Dollar store located at 15081 E. Mississippi Ave. One of them intentionally cut a wire disabling the business alarm without the staff noticing it. SENTINEL SCREEN TAKE

AURORA | Aurora police officials are asking for the public’s help in identifying multiple robbers investigators say surreptitiously entered a Family Dollar store by burrowing through a hole they cut in the wall.

Officials are looking for three different “persons of interest” suspected of entering the Family Dollar at 15081 E. Mississippi Ave. on Dec. 13 and cutting a wire in an alarm system, disabling it. The trio was able to snip the wire without staff noticing, according to police. 

The next day, police responded to a burglary at the same location during which two people wearing jeans and hooded sweatshirts were seen on surveillance video crawling into the building on their knees through a hole in the wall. The pair bored into the store from an unoccupied building beside the Family Dollar that they had broken into.

Police did not specify what, if anything, was stolen from the store.

On store video surveillance footage, the suspects can be seen holding what appear to be long tools and squirming toward the cash register. 

Officials believe the crew is responsible for multiple other robberies in the metro area, according to police.

The “persons of interest” police have identified are wanted due to their behavior — discernible from surveillance footage — in the store the day the alarm wire was severed.

People with potential information related to this crime are encouraged to call Aurora investigators at 303-739-6382.