SWEET REWARDS: Aurora West students heart special treats from special students


AURORA | ‘Tis the season for sweet treats and gestures, and a handful of students offered that in droves to their fellow classmates and school faculty, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Students with special needs from Aurora West Prep Academy made chocolate treats and hand delivered them across the school, Thursday.

The event is part of a new program at the school to teach business skills to the students with significant and profound needs. In addition to the business skills accrued, the students will also learn about food safety and customer service, as well as costs of products, how to budget their money and even how to cook.

“This is a life skill that they’re going to need their entire lives,” said Individual Learning Center teacher, Annette Green. Green works with students with significant and profound needs. These skills are aimed at contributing to these students being able to successfully live on their own, Green said.

In the three weeks it’s been in operation, the business program currently known as the Coffee Cart has made $514.75 in profit, which will be used toward future field trips for those in the program.

The students will then look at the total money earned and decide where they can afford to go. That includes doing the math to account for the bus ride, admission to wherever they decide to go and any other expenses that may be needed.

And trips are already planned — In March they will be going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo is slated for April.

In addition to the chocolates they’ve sold during the Valentine’s Day season, the students have been selling coffee in the morning to students and staff before school starts.

“They are beloved here,” Green said. “We as a community wrap our arms around them and support them.”