Republican Casper Stockham launches intention to challenge Congressman Jason Crow


AURORA | If there’s anybody that can beat first-term Congressman Jason Crow, a Democrat, in the 6th Congressional District, Casper Stockham thinks he can do it. 

Stockham, a Republican, ran two unsuccessful races against Denver Congresswoman Diana DeGette, once in 2016 and again in 2018. Even though he’s sought the Denver seat, Stockham’s lived in the 6th Congressional District for 16 years, he said. 

Casper Stockham

This year, he wants to unseat Crow, who Stockham said isn’t taking the country in a positive direction.

“I decided somebody needs to address it, step up and challenge him,” Stockham told the Sentinel.

The latest example, Stockham recalled, was Crow’s military-to-military hotline proposal between the U.S. and Iran. Crow said it would prevent escalation like air strike President Donald Trump called off last minute last week.

Stockham said it circumvents Trump, commander in chief to the military. 

Crow won by 10 points over former Congressman Mike Coffman in an increasingly bluer district, but Stockham said his place as a black Republican in one of the most diverse cities in Colorado is a good place to be.

“And I’m probably talking to more Democrats than Republicans,” he said.

Stockham said he wants his campaign to be one about inclusion.

“You can definitely expect even more engagement in the community than I have in the past,” he said. “My campaign is going to be about empowering our families, our communities and our future.”

In a video from a year ago, Stockham recounts his “walk away moment,” in which he left behind the liberal ideologies he grew up with in a family he describes as progressive. 

He donned a red “Make America Great Again” hat and said the message isn’t about Trump, but rejecting Democratic policies that don’t actually help people.

Stockham voted for Trump, saying he preferred Trump over Hilary Clinton.

The Aurora Republican says he’s a motivational speaker and Uber driver.