Racist graffiti found at Coyote Hills Elementary School

Coyote Hills Elementary School

AURORA | Racist and sexually graphic graffiti was found at Coyote Hills Elementary School in eastern Aurora Friday morning.

The graffiti, found on the playground early in the morning, was covered by maintenance workers before students arrived for school, according to a letter Principal Hillary Pohlmann sent to elementary school families.

“We are sharing this information with you to be transparent and to use this moment to reiterate that Cherry Creek Schools will not tolerate racism in any of our schools,” Pohlmann wrote.

Surveillance video of the incident shows what appears to be two teenage males vandalizing the playground, Pohlmann said. Police have been notified of the incident, according to Pohlmann.

Pohlmann didn’t say in her letter what the graffiti said, but Denver school board director Tay Anderson tweeted Friday morning that the graffiti included “(expletive) BLM” and a racial slur against Black people.

In her letter, Polhmann said that the district will not tolerate racism and the school strives to be a safe and welcoming place for all students.

“Any hate-motivated speech or behavior by students, staff, or anyone in our community that is physically or psychologically harmful to another person will not be tolerated,” she said.

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1 month ago

While I very much appreciate the statement from the principal, I am wondering what the response is from Cherry Creek Superintendent Scott Siegfried. This is not the fist racist incident within this school district and the response, or lack thereof, from the school district is inappropriate. Additionally, this article does not mention a PTO meeting last night, where parents of this school were complaining against “teaching too much about race.” This is not a random act; let us not make it seem like a one and done without a pattern within the district and a direct influence, (at minimum), from parents within Cherry Creek and within this school. White supremacy displayed for all to see.