Police shoot, kill masked carjacking suspect in north Aurora Monday


AURORA | Half a dozen cops from the Aurora and Denver police departments shot and killed a masked person who reportedly pointed a handgun at officers near East 35th Place and Abilene Street Monday morning.

Denver police personnel responded to reports of a carjacking and kidnapping in the parking lot of a liquor store near the intersection of Chambers Road and Gateway Avenue in Denver at about 11 a.m. June 22, according to police and witness statements. A male reportedly stole a vehicle and simultaneously kidnapped the owner.

Denver police then traced the stolen car to 35th and Abilene in Aurora, at which point a masked person got out of the car and pointed a handgun at officers. Five Denver police officers and one Aurora police officer shot the masked male, who was pronounced dead a short time later.

The person who was shot and killed was only described as a white or light-skinned Latino male. The Adams County Coroner’s Office is expected to identify the slain person in the coming days.

All officers who shot the armed male captured the encounter on their department-issued body worn cameras.

Police from both departments are continuing to speak with witnesses in the area where the shooting occurred.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.