Police arrest teens accused of penning racist messages on Aurora elementary school


AURORA | Aurora police say they’ve arrested a pair of teens accused of scrawling racist messages and sexually explicit images on the facade of an Aurora elementary school last week.

Investigators Wednesday afternoon said on Twitter they’ve identified and detained the two suspected graffiti artists, but won’t identify them due to their legal status as juveniles.

Police also deleted the original tweet in which they solicited the public’s help to identify the suspects.

Coyote Hills Elementary School Principal Hillary Pohlmann informed parents of the derogatory images in a letter sent Jan. 22. School maintenance workers concealed the images before students arrived for the day’s classes, according to Pohlmann’s memo.

Surveillance video indicated a pair of teenage boys scrawled the messages. Police indicated ample tips provided by community members precipitated the teens’ arrests.

Unless the teens are charged as adults in district court, the entirety of their legal proceedings will be sealed from public view.

Pohlmann didn’t say in her letter what the graffiti said, but Denver school board director Tay Anderson tweeted Friday morning that the graffiti included “(expletive) BLM” and a racial slur against Black people.

— Sentinel Colorado Staff Writer Carina Julig contributed to this story.

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