Police arrest suspected shooter after barricaded standoff in north Aurora apartment


AURORA | Aurora police have announced the arrest of a man suspected of shooting at a north Aurora apartment building and threatening to shoot several people in a separate structure over the course of several hours Sunday night.

Lt. Chris Amsler, spokesperson for the Aurora Police Department, said that members of the Aurora SWAT team arrested the 21-year-old man after a lengthy standoff Sunday at 2250 Billings St.  that resulted in multiple rounds of gunfire in the area, though no injuries were reported.

Investigators believe the man may have shot and struck a neighboring apartment building at about 2:10 p.m. Sunday, about three hours before he was suspected of trying to harm two people who had barricaded themselves in a basement to protect themselves from the man, Amsler said.

The man’s name has not yet been released.

Multiple police units responded to the area over the course of about five hours after investigators learned that the man involved was intoxicated, had access to a gun and was threatening to shoot people inside the apartment building, authorities said.

The department’s crisis response team responded to the area after it was determined the man was “having a mental health crisis,” Amsler wrote in a news release. Members of the team regularly work with mental health clinicians to get people in crisis connected with health care resources.

Negotiators attempted to coax the man out of the building, but he repeatedly failed to heed commands to surrender, police said.

When he began to threaten the two people holed up in the apartment building’s basement, SWAT officers forcibly entered the building and took the man into custody, according to Amsler.

One SWAT officer fired their gun multiple times during the arrest, but no one was struck by the gunfire.

The man has since been admitted to a local hospital for treatment, Amsler said. He will be criminally charged upon being released.

The incident is set to be forwarded to a regional investigations group in the judicial district serving Adams County. Aurora police joined the review panel earlier this year as a means of ensuring enhanced transparency.

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