Aurora passes $500,000 in ‘safety’ grants to East Colfax businesses, agencies


Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect that the security grant update passed the study session.

AURORA | The Aurora City Council, boasting four new members, moved forward Monday night a request to spend about a half-million dollars in federal funds on a variety of programs along the East Colfax corridor.

The proposal focuses on $3 million from American Rescue Plan Act funds provided to Aurora for a new grant program for city businesses that want to make “safety and security upgrades.” As much as $500,000 would be specifically designated for the Colfax corridor.

City lawmakers, including newly seated members, posed a variety of questions, ranging from transparency of how the money would be spent and mechanisms of accountability after it was. Some lawmakers had questions about what would qualify for the money, and whether it would be to address security issues or actually prevent problems.

To participate in the new, proposed grant program, a business would be required to undergo a review process conducted by the Aurora Police Department, according to city information provided to lawmakers.

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Doug King
Doug King
7 months ago

I watched part of the process last night. It was painful. I also tried to read the agenda which is lengthy as well. I don’t know at this point. Good luck Council Members

7 months ago

I think I get that this is “free” money from the Fed’s. I get that all business and residents in Ward I have a criminal problem and therefore a probable need for security. I just don’t believe it is up to the City to pay for a solution for these business’ and then involve the APD on top of the government intervention.

It’s not a governmental problem it’s the business’ problem. They should pay and not be subsidized, if they feel the need is that great. If we are going to be a truly conservative city going forward then let’s keep government out of business.

7 months ago
Reply to  DICK MOORE

Dick, you are not alone. Most that have seen the dump that “Old Aurora” has become recognize it for exactly what is is, East LA. City of Aurora intentions are mostly designed for businesses in Ward 1, under Murillo’s charge. Before one dime gets wasted in this 80010-80011 squalor all the other council members should be required to tour the neighborhoods that lay back off of Colfax on both sides. Make sure they ride in an armored vehicle.