Nearly naked protester brings his antics to Aurora City Council

A man identified as Eric Brandt video records the Aurora City Council Feb. 4, 2019 as he makes comments to the council. He and two other unidentified men made a variety of profane and vulgar comments to the city council as part of a “First Amendment” protest, which Brandt has performed before in Brush, Colorado. PHOTO BY KARA MASON, SENTINEL COLORADO

AURORA | A man in a Pikachu onesie stripped down to a pair of American flag swim trunks before ripping the Aurora City Council with a profanity-laced speech about the city’s police force during a public-comment period at Monday’s meeting. 

The man, Eric Brandt, is known for similar acts in Colorado. He was at the meeting with at least two other men, including one who also spoke about alleged racist arrests with vulgar language, and another who sat in the crowd and covered his face with a bandana. 

Brandt and his company are sometimes described as First Amendment activists — they’re regulars around the state, protesting what they say is police brutality, according to media reports. 

Brandt has picked up criminal charges for his acts. He was in jail early last year after he was “charged with disrupting government operations, disorderly conduct and disrupting a peaceful assembly after he yelled and used obscenities in public comments he made to the Brush City Council in response to its censure of Councilwoman Jeanine Anderson over comments that allegedly appeared on her Facebook page,” according to the Brush News-Tribune.

More police officers than usual were present at the council meeting, where at least a couple other dozen people turned out. Many addressed the council during public comment about affordable housing and the city’s pit bull ban. 

At the study session, council members heard from the mobile home task force, which was created by council last April. The group gave council recommendations on how to proceed with preserving affordable housing via mobile home parks. 

The council decided to consider offering remaining residents of the Denver Meadows Mobile Home Park a sum of money for being displaced. Council members Bob Roth, Dave Gruber, Johnny Watson and Francoises Bergan voted against having that conversation. 

Council members also agreed to forward on an ordinance mandating a seven-day stay of execution when an animal is ordered by the municipal court to be surrendered to the Aurora Animal Shelter.