Miles-long Denver police chase through Aurora ends in officer shooting robbery suspect

Denver Police Deputy Chief Barb Archer talks to reporters in Aurora at the end of a long police chase of a suspected armed robber, who was shot by a Denver police officer at the scene. FROM A DENVER PD VIDEO FEED.

AURORA | A wild Denver Police chase after a suspected armed robber across Aurora Saturday night involved multiple car-jackings and a Denver officer shooting and killing the suspect when the pursuit ended, according to Aurora police.

Police said that at about 9 p.m. Saturday, Denver police were “pursuing” the robbery suspect as he drove from Denver into Aurora on Interstate 225.

Police have since said the driver was a male and that he will be identified by the Adams County Coroner office some time in the future. Police said the man was accompanied by an adult female and a juvenile male. Police did not provide any identifying information about either of them.

The male suspect’s car crashed into two others near the Colfax exit.

“The suspect then carjacked a silver sedan and fled the scene continuing to travel east on East Colfax Avenue to Airport Boulevard,” Aurora Police spokeswoman Crystal McCoy said in a statement.

Denver police continued to chase the man as he turned north on Airport Boulevard, driving in the wrong direction in the southbound lanes.

At one point, a Denver Police helicopter was involved in the chase, according to Denver Police Deputy Chief Barb Archer.

Near the 2400 block of East 24th Avenue, Denver police attempted a “pursuit intervention technique,” disabling the suspect’s stolen car. The maneuver involves police using their car to push against the side-rear of the chased car to force it out of control.

“The suspect, and (the) two other occupants, fled on foot and unsuccessfully attempted to carjack a nearby silver minivan,” McCoy stated. They then ran to another nearby car and carjacked it.

Denver cops then positioned police cars so to pin the suspect in that vehicle. Just after, one of the Denver officers shot the suspect, according to police.

The suspect was rushed to a local hospital and died later that night, McCoy stated.

No one else was injured during the melee.

“During a subsequent search of the carjacked maroon SUV, a handgun was found and collected for evidence,” McCoy stated.

Aurora Police said the woman “has been arrested and charged with at least Aggravated Robbery,” according to an updated written statement. The juvenile was arrested on an outstanding warrant unrelated to this incident police said. Charges regarding the Saturday car chase are pending.

Anyone who witnessed the events leading up to and after the officer-involved shooting is asked to contact Aurora Police Agent Graw at 303-739-6213.