JASON CROW: Voters will judge Congress on Trump impeachment


AURORA | Aurora Democratic Congressman Jason Crow, one of the seven impeachment managers who has wielded his military experience throughout the trial, told reporters Monday voters deserve to have witnesses called to testify in the case to impeach President Donald Trump.

“The American people will ultimately have a vote in this, you know, there will be accountability on how people vote, and that’s why we’re speaking to the American people, too, during the course of this trial, because they should have a say, too,” Crow said in a call to Colorado reporters Monday morning. “That’s why it’s also important that we have witnesses and documents so that they have the full picture of what happened and can be informed in making those votes.”

Crow followed up his comments by refuting that he’s in favor of injecting national politics into the impeachment process. 

“There’s always accountability between constituents and elected officials. That’s not just on Election Day. It’s every day that they should have information. They should have access to what their members of Congress are doing,” he said. “Ultimately, this is about free and fair elections and national security. That’s what this issue is about. It’s about making sure that we have free and fair elections and that we’re maintaining the integrity of our system, and we’re defending our national security as well. The American people deserve to have that information and that there is always accountability and will always be accountability.”

Crow’s role in the trial has largely been about the military aid that was withheld from Ukraine at the request of the president. 

“So when we talk about troops not getting the equipment they need when they need it, it’s personal to me,” he said. 

Crow served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2005, when he left the military to pursue a career in law, Crow was an Army Ranger. 

Last week during arguments, Crow talked about the importance of counter-battery radar, which was part of blocked aid to Ukraine. He said it was because of counter-battery radar he and fellow soldiers knew to seek safety from mortars launched by insurgents along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

When asked about whether the managers would shift their trial strategy to Republican Senators who have complained about several aspects of the trial laid out by House Democrats, Crow said no.

“Our approach is not going to change, and we have the facts overwhelmingly on our side. We’ve made a great case, because those facts are on our side,” he said, adding that the immediate challenge is getting relevant documents and witnesses, like former National Security Adviser John Bolton, subpoenaed.