Glendale police fatally shot unarmed man, attorney says


DENVER | A man killed by Glendale police was unarmed when he was shot inside a pickup truck, an attorney representing his family said.

John Pacheaco Jr., 36, was shot dead by Glendale Police Department officers Oct. 31, The Denver Post reported.

Attorney Matthew Haltzman said he met with a Denver police investigator Friday.

“We’ve confirmed there was no firearm, no knife or no gun,” Haltzman said. “This is not a firearms case.”

Police officers surrounded the pickup truck, which was stopped in traffic in the Denver suburb as vehicles drove around.

Police described Pacheaco as “unresponsive” when officers approached the truck, which was reported as stolen.

A video clip showed the truck moving forward slowly with officers outside before increasing speed going backward and hitting a police vehicle.

Pacheaco was shot multiple times.

The truck was motionless and Pacheaco was “incapacitated” when officers approached, Haltzman said.

“That does not warrant the shooting that happened,” Haltzman said.

The shooting is under investigation by the Denver Police Department.

“We are still waiting to see if one involved officer and a witness officer will provide statements,” said Jay Casillas, a Denver police spokesman.

The department provided no additional comment, citing the pending investigation.