Denver police review officer appearing to put knee on man’s neck


DENVER  |  Police are looking into a video that appears to show a Denver police officer putting a knee on the neck of a man arrested during a homeless sweep on Tuesday as well as officers’ use of pepper spray during the operation.

The video taken by someone at the sweep, obtained by KCNC-TV, quickly moves away from the officer restraining the man and then a line of police officers blocks the view of the camera.

All of the force used by officers during the sweep is being examined under a department policy that requires all uses of force to be reviewed, department spokesman Doug Schepman said Wednesday.

What is shown in the video is “concerning” but there is also context to what is seen, Denver public safety director Murphy Robinson said. He said it would be against police policy to put a knee on somebody’s neck and keep it there but he does not think that is what happened.

Police are also conducting a review of their use of pepper spray and pepper balls during another sweep on Wednesday in which four people suspected of trying to stop the cleanup were arrested, Schepman said.