AURORA | It’s 2019 and traffic tickets for running red lights in Aurora are so last year — that is if you’ve paid the fine. 

Aurora city staff say the cameras at various intersections stopped taking photos on Dec. 1, but the camera and equipment will still be around until the company contracted for maintaining the program removes the devices.

“Payment of fines that were not made by Dec. 31, or disputes of photo-red-light tickets for violations before Dec. 1, will be handled by the Aurora Municipal Court,” a city spokesman told the Sentinel. 

Nearly two-thirds of Aurora voters agreed in November to end the program. The question asked whether Aurora shall “continue to issue photo red light tickets to drivers that enter an intersection after the traffic light turns red and after review by law enforcement personnel with a portion of the revenues of such tickets funding nonprofit organizations with a nexus to law enforcement.” 

Ten intersections in Aurora featured the 14 cameras, which generated about $2.4 million in 2017. About half of that was set aside for local mental health programs and organizations that provide resources to people experiencing homelessness or assist domestic violence victims.

Those programs will receive the designated funding through this year, according to city officials, as it was written into the 2019 budget.

But that will funding isn’t so far forecasted to last longer than that.

Three Aurora Police Department had three sworn officers and two civilian employees working specifically with photo red light, according to the city. They will now be reassigned to different positions within the department.

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer