AURORA | Up to 140 gifted-and-talented elementary school students in Aurora Public Schools will have an after-school arts program if Aurora City Council members approve an agreement with the school district this week.

The goal of the project is to expand access to arts education in APS. The partnership would allow students from seven Aurora elementary schools a weekly, one-and-a-half hour art class for the fall semester.

Through the program the city’s cultural services devision will provide qualified teaching artists and supplies, according to city documents. 

The program allows for 20 participants per group, according to city documents. An APS representative told city council members at an August meeting there isn’t currently enough funding to expand the program beyond that. 

The agreement dictates that APS will pay the city $9,800 for the program.

During study session prior to the regular meeting, city council members will discuss a detention center notification requirement.

City Councilwoman Allison Hiltz introduced the measure at a city policy meeting last month calling for all Aurora detention facilities to notify Aurora Fire Chief Fernando Gray of any infectious outbreaks within 48 hours of discovery.

The group will also consider a criminal nuisance ordinance, which would allow police to address properties where unlawful acts occur repeatedly. 

Staff say the nuisance ordinance will protect public health, safety and give the police tools to deal with properties that experience reoccurring crime.

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer