Aurora police say officer-involved shooting post on Facebook was a ruse

Screen grab from Aurora Police Facebook page that comes from a video depicting Aurora police arresting a man Saturday evening. Police said the post wrongly asserted the subject was shot by police. Police said that’s inaccurate.

AURORA | Aurora police say a Facebook post circulating yesterday falsely asserted that Aurora officers were involved in shooting a subject Saturday night at East Sixth Avenue and Dayton Street.

“The simple fact is that this is completely UNTRUE!,” police officials wrote on the department’s online blog. “There were no officer involved shootings in the city of Aurora last night.”


Police said someone notified them that a 16-second video being shared on Facebook captures a shooting encounter with Aurora police. In the background of the recording, a male voice repeatedly yells, “Don’t shoot.”

Police said the person posting the video falsely claimed the subject police were struggling with was shot.

Police said that at about 9 p.m. Saturday, officers were called to a home to help with a family disturbance.

“A young man, who was in crisis, got into an altercation with family members and APD was called to the scene to keep the peace,” police said in a statement. “Once on scene our officers tried to de-escalate the situation and reason with the young man; however, he remained agitated and walked away from the house.”

Police followed the man and attempted to engage him.

“That didn’t work and officers had to make the decision to stop him before he hurt himself or others,” police said.  “Officers were forced to go “hands on” and attempted to place this young man into handcuffs. This is where the video begins recording.”

The blurry video shows police apparently wrestling with someone on the ground, but it’s unclear whom it is or for how long.

“They eventually take him to the ground where handcuffs are successfully applied and this male is then immediately sat up,” police said. “At this time he stops resisting and becomes cooperative.”

Police said no officer drew a gun or used a taser. Police gave no details about the man’s age, his race or the subject of his crisis.

“Once handcuffs were applied the Aurora Fire Rescue Department responded to medical check his welfare,”  police said in their statement. “He had very minor injuries that he admitted were caused prior to the arrival of APD officers. He was transported to a local hospital, at the request of a parent, where he is currently receiving the treatment he needs.”

Police said in light of the current community unrest regarding protests over the death of George Floyd, officials felt it was imperative to ensure the public knew there was not and officer-involved shooting.

“The Aurora Police Department is committed to transparency and sharing accurate information about significant events that take place in our community via our Aurora Police News Blog and social media sites,” police said.  “Anytime there is an officer involved shooting, details are shared on our Twitter account (@AuroraPD) and then a news release is published to our news blog and other social media sites.”