Aurora police release body cam footage of woman’s arrest after claims officers ‘jumped’ her

From a screen shot of a video compiled by Aurora Police, Alexandra Stevenson is told to stay still while she is arrested, A social media post by Stevenson, implying excessive force by APD, has caused an uproar in the community.

AURORA | Aurora police on Wednesday released body camera footage of officers detaining a local woman hours after she prompted a social media maelstrom when she claimed that local cops “jumped” her.

Police released a 15-minute clip of spliced dispatch audio and body-worn camera footage that precipitated and occurred during the detention of Alexandra Stevenson shortly after 11 p.m. Dec. 7.

Investigators said in a news release that local officers responded to the Cambrian Apartment Complex at 15601 E. Caspian Circle after multiple residents phoned in disturbance calls.

Responding officers found Stevenson in the driver’s seat of a vehicle honking her horn in the complex’s parking lot, footage shows. She told police that she had a handgun in her car, which police removed from her possession.

After asking her to leave the car, police then forcibly removed Stevenson from the vehicle and laid her prone on the pavement.

Stevenson said she brandished her weapon after multiple people threatened her in the parking lot while she was honking, though police said she was “yelling at residents and threatening to shoot and kill people,” according to a statement issued by the police chief’s office.

Stevenson was then placed into handcuffs and put in the back of a police SUV. While in custody, she said that she had been honking her horn to protest someone parking in her allocated parking spot.

“I take responsibility, agreed, I take responsibility,” Stevenson can be heard telling an officer on body-camera audio. “I’m not saying that I didn’t do nothing wrong … agreed, I did not say I didn’t do anything wrong, I never resisted, I never said that you guys were wrong for doing what you were doing.”

She said that someone had parked in her parking spot at least five times.

“I understand that that’s pretty frustrating, OK? So I’ll give you that,” an officer can be heard telling the woman. “Do you think that there may have been a better way to handle this, though?”

Stevenson was ultimately issued a summons for disorderly conduct and obstructing a peace officer. She was eventually allowed to return to her apartment and police returned her firearm, body camera footage indicates.

Stevenson prompted a furor on social media earlier in the day when she posted a photo of herself with abrasions on her face under the caption, “ I really got jumped by @AuroraPpolice Department G like I can’t believe this s***.”

This social media post by Alexandra Stevenson, implying that police used excessive force during her brief arrest, caused a firestorm of criticism of APD. Wednesday, police issued a statement and body camera footage. In a tweet, they wrote #FactsMatter

Police acknowledged that officers used force when detaining Stevenson and said an internal review has been initiated as a result.

Stevenson has declined to speak with media outlets while she seeks legal counsel.