Aurora police body cam video shows officer shooting armed suspect

A portion of the body camera footage from an officer-involved shooting at 9121 E. 14th Ave. Oct. 20, 2019.

AURORA | Aurora police on Monday released a portion of the body camera footage recorded during an officer-involved shooting on East 14th Avenue last month.

Investigators released about 40 seconds of video in which people are seen fleeing an apartment complex at 9121 E. 14th Ave. before an Aurora officer fires five shots toward a man wielding a rifle. 

Police on Monday identified the man who was shot as Oscar Lucio-Vazquez, 38.

After being struck an unknown number of times, Lucio-Vazquez then crawled back into the apartment complex through a garden-level window, police said. Officers apprehended Lucio-Vazquez shortly after the shooting. While searching the building, officers found an AR-15 rifle and a trail of blood leading to an exit, according to a press release issued Oct. 25.

Aurora police responded to the north Aurora apartment complex at approximately 1:45 a.m. “in response to a physical disturbance,” according to a police statement. En route to the area, Denver police told Aurora investigators a nearby gunshot detection system had picked up gunfire in the area. 

As police approached the building, at least two women ran away from the structure screaming, “A guy has a big-*** gun … Somebody with a gun.” An unidentified Aurora police officer then tells the man believed to be Lucio-Vazquez to “drop the gun,” before firing toward him.

Though not immediately clear in the body camera footage, Deputy Police Chief Paul O’Keefe said in a video statement that Lucio-Vazquez turned toward the officer while holding a rifle. 

Originally, police were not certain whether Lucio-Vazquez was injured by police or from a separate shooting that reportedly took place before the unidentified officer fired. 

Several other people were injured in the previous shooting, police said. 

Lucio-Vazquez remains in a local hospital, but he  is expected to survive, police confirmed Nov. 11. 

Police have recommended charging Lucio-Vazquez with felony menacing, according to Officer Matt Longshore, spokesman for the Aurora police department. Prosecutors with the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office could elect to amend that charge.

Lucio-Vazquez has been in custody while at the hospital, meaning his room is guarded by police personnel 24 hours a day, Longshore said. 

Police said the department does not know when Lucio-Vazquez could be discharged and booked into municipal jail.