Aurora police arrest man in connection with Elijah McClain protest shooting on interstate


AURORA | A protester who allegedly shot one protester in the leg and grazed another during a march onto I-225 on Saturday has been arrested, according to an announcement by the Aurora Police Department. 

Samuel Young, 23, was arrested on four counts of attempted homicide, the police said in a blog post late Monday night. 

No other details were released. 

Through pictures provide to Aurora Police from a witness, this male is considered a person of interest in the shooting of two people on Interstate 225. Police said on Monday they had identified the person as Samuel Young.Photo provided by Aurora Police

The shots rang out near 7 p.m. on Saturday evening, when a driver in a turquoise Jeep Rubicon accelerated toward a crowd standing on the empty, northbound side of Interstate 225. Protesters were on the highway marching for justice for Elijah McClain. The scene created chaos as protesters and motorists navigated one another on the interstate.

Police said Sunday one adult male was shot in the leg and another was shot in the head, but only experienced a grazing wound. Both victims made their way to area hospitals and their injuries are not life threatening, according to police.

Witnesses told the Sentinel the man with the gun, now believed to be Young, seemed to be aiming his gun at the Jeep.

Police are still asking any protesters who may have video or photos of the moments that led up to the Jeep speeding toward the crowd and the gun shots to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers.

Local protesters on Monday afternoon chided police for not arresting the driver of the Jeep. Police say that part of the melee is under investigation.